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~taking you on an electric rocket~
iconaday "kimi ni todoke" 
11 Sep
Another iconaday claim for my newest addiction! *O*




comments are loved
credit is appreciated
don't redistribute
don't claim as your own
11 Sep (UTC)
Aww bb, these are beautiful. Snagging and crediting when used. I can't wait for the rest!
11 Sep (UTC)
Wai yay first comment! ♥

Thanks so much fgy, that means a lot coming from you~

Kyaaaa! *O*
11 Sep (UTC)
Aaaaw, how cute~

I wanna join this, too, but acads orz ;____;
11 Sep (UTC)
Aww thanks dear! *O* Are you fan of this fandom too? :3

It's a fun icon claim community~ If you change your mind, I urge you to join it. You don't have to icon every day, just once every 50 themes to keep your claim active. And if you want to use past themes as your subject, you can use them whenever there's an artist choice~ :3

11 Sep (UTC)
Aaaw. No, I'm not - I haven't really gotten the time to check new fandoms out lately. Perhaps when my academic load lightens up. x_x

Ah, so you're not required to make an icon per day? Hm ... It does sound fun, and I'm getting pretty rusty at making icons.
11 Sep (UTC)
Aw sokay dear~ Damn acads. I rly can't wait til sembreak and hong kong! ;o;

Yep! It is~ ;D And wth, I never found you 'rusty' with iconing. What is this blasphemy! O:
11 Sep (UTC)
LOL I keep thinking about Hong Kong sembreak, too.

And I ended up joining. What have I gotten myself into? XD

I haven't been able to brush up on my techniques for a long while. I used to make them, like, every day, but definitely been some time since I've seriously participated in icontests and the like. I probably need to get back into banner-making, too.
11 Sep (UTC)

Lol good luck XD

I've been trying to make icons/banners and join icontests recently. Probably some sort of therapy for me lol.

ps, oooohhhh san hora! *O*

Edited at 2009-09-11 03:55 pm (UTC)
11 Sep (UTC)
Subconsciously, I keep counting down the days. Just a month and a half or so to go! X3

Haha, you too!

It really is good therapy. I must get back into the swing of things.

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH might as well be something inspiring. XD
11 Sep (UTC)
cute icons, kyoy-chan! ♥
11 Sep (UTC)
Aww thank you dear! ♥
12 Sep (UTC)
im still in denial with kazehaya. THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH HIM. Else his perfection has a flaw. whuuut. :))

awww so pretty~ *proud*
12 Sep (UTC)
Lol some people can be perfect, waifu. Anything is possible, desu ne? :3 But then again, your eye for oddity is perceptive, you could be onto something~

Kyaaaa thank you! *O*
14 Nov (UTC)
thanks for sharing :)
14 Nov (UTC)
Np, thank you for commenting! ♥
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