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~taking you on an electric rocket~
mix "twisted fantasy" 
07 Jun
This is my first mix and I'm honestly not content with this but I'm tired of working on this and who knows, maybe I'll grow fonder of it after I get over it? XD

Sky is Falling (Acoustic) Lifehouse [DL]
You leave me hanging on, I need to catch my breath
Don't leave me all alone down here with myself and all of my fears

(Freon gets a premonition before her best friend's death)

Uncertain Feelings Rushed なるけみちこ [DL]
(immediately after Hikari dies)

just be friends -piano- ヤマイ [DL]
In this slowly rotting world, the only means of escape for the struggling me
Was the carved image of your smile that is now fading away

心の戦士 アンジェラ・アキ [DL]
On the night when a hundred tears were shed
I prefered the lie and denied reality
Thinking of the people I lost makes me feel helpless
Regardless of whose arms are holding me, I still can’t heal the wounds

Storm Lifehouse [DL]
How long have I been in this storm?
If I could just see you, everything will be alright
If I'd see you, this darkness will turn to light

A Dancing Teddy 두번째달 [DL]
(a memory before the war)

Shattered O.A.R [DL]
In a way, I need a change from this burnout scene
Another time, another town, another everything
But it's always back to you
How many times can I break till I shatter?

青空のナミダ 高橋瞳 [DL]
Even if I wait for a tomrrow of nothing, a hand will give rise to something
To where I look up, that is where I am suppose to start
I can go anywhere if I don’t give up on myself
The pouring tears of the blue sky will someday become a smile

Heilig Tokio Hotel [DL]
I keep myself awake for you
We'll see each other again eventually
To me, you'll be forever sacred

It's Happy Line YUI [DL]
Everyone has a smile they call happiness. Can you see it? Even if you don’t, smile
With my feelings for tomorrow in my heart, I tried to see it through rose-tinted glasses and smile
Tomorrow never knows

KINGFISHER GIRL (The Song of "Wish You Were Here") -unplugged- 坂本真綾 [DL]
Dive, dive, dive into time
A moment alive, where we’ll never die
Cry, cry, cry silver tears
This is the song of “Wish You Were Here”

(live and move on, but never forget)

comments are appreciated
please link back for reference
don't redistribute elsewhere
don't claim as your own
06 Jun (UTC)
Congrats on creating your first fanmix, Kyoy! ^^
08 Jun (UTC)
Thank you! ♥

I hope I did it right ^^;
08 Jun (UTC)
confused. what did you edit? lol

OSOM SAUCE. though i'm not really familiar with the concept of fanmixes... but i kinda get it! (im slower than you)

WILL DL ALL. mwahaha
01 Jul (UTC) - I thought I replied to this eons ago ;o;
Edited the whole mix title~

Don't know if I did it right lol.

Yay, hope you liked it! \o/
01 Jul (UTC)
Totally dl-ing when net is better! It looks great. I LOVE THE CD ART!!!
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